The Best Wrist Tattoo Designs for Men

Wrist tattoos are fashionable despite the small canvass area. The wrist area is one of places where a tattoo can be carved and easily concealed as well. Typically, they are diminutive in sizes and are usually symbolic which makes them simple and elegant.

Wrist tattoos can be done either on the inner side or the outer side, the more popular choice is the inside part of the wrist. You need to be warned a bit before having a tat on your wrist. The wrist area is moved around a lot, which means the healing process can be a bit slow. It is also very painful to have a tattoo on the wrist, compared to say having a tattoo on your back or arms where there are a lot of soft tissues that can insulate you from the pain. Having said that, here are some ideas for wrist tattoos.

Star patterns are probably the most popular choice for wrist tattoos. Their symmetrical shape and diminutive size makes them a perfect candidate for tattoo patterns on your wrist. There are certain meanings and symbols that are attached with star patterns , some of them are love, inspiration and hope–so if you are big on these things, go for it. The tattoo artist have a lot of latitude when doing star pattern tattoos, a single star image can be carved or a group of stars, you can even go for a shooting star pattern, that can work well too.

Not to be left out are name tattoos. Carving out the name of a loved one can hold a deep personal meaning for the tattoo owner, that is the reason why name tattoos are powerful. The name tattoos can be rendered artistically by using beautiful fonts, the typography itself is the design, and there are many pretty and classy fonts to choose from. Same goes for text tattoos on the wrist consisting of short quotes, excerpts from a poem or an unforgettable line or lyrics from a song.

The cross is another favorite symbol on the wrist. It can be a reflection of one’s spirituality and religious beliefs. It can also be depicted in a thousands of ways depending on the wearer. It can be done tribal, gothic, christian celtic, or combined with other elements such as flowers,angel, heart, flames, stars. etc. It is one of the simplest and most flexible symbol that is recognized all over the world, that is why it’s very popular

The heart tattoo is another popular choice for wrist tats. A heart design can mean a lot of things, depending on the context of the tattoo. A heart tattoo alone can symbolize love, strong emotions and romantic bonds. A heart tattoo with star patterns can mean great opportunities and happiness. On the other hand, a heart image with a dagger can mean betrayal–so be careful in choosing your patterns. You can play around a lot with the heart tattoo some more by depicting the heart as broken, or bleeding. You can also carve a heart tattoo with the name a loved one inside the heart. Just use your imagination.

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